The ROLLiN’ Insurance PDS is simple and easy to understand. Check below to find the policy applicable to your date of purchase.



General Insurance Code of Practice

The General Insurance Code of Practice outlines certain minimum standards of service that you should expect from insurers that have adopted the Code.

The standards covered by the Code include buying and renewing insurance, claims handling and complaints handling. We've adopted the Code and we're committed to complying with it.

The Code Governance Committee is an independent body that monitors and enforces insurers’ compliance with the Code.

For more information on the General Insurance Code of Practice and the Code Governance Committee, visit

How do we develop our Insurance offering?

We’re different in that we try and base our insurance offering on what our broader ROLLiN' family have asked for around their needs, objectives and financial situations.

From October 5th 2021, we’ll also be providing more details around the kind of customers we are creating our products for (referred to as Target Market Determinations or ‘TMDs’) – just our way of keeping things transparent.

If you would like to know the finer details, read the IAL policy.

Target Market Determination

A Target Market Determination (TMD) seeks to offer customers, distributors and employees an understanding of the class of customers for which these products have been designed, considering their needs, objectives, and financial situation.

See our Target Market Determination (TMD) here.