With a lil’ bit of tech and a commitment to doing things differently, we’ve been able to make insurance a lot simpler and more affordable.

ROLLiN’s comprehensive car insurance policies run month-to-month to put your lifestyle and flexibility front and centre so you can have it all — avocados, a good night’s sleep AND car insurance (disclaimer; avocados and the good night's sleep are not included in our policies.)

That’s why we’re keeping it simple – so you know what you’re getting into.


Don’t get stung

Don’t get stung for being young

We don’t get caught up on age.

That means we don’t charge extra excesses because you’re under 25 (some insurers do, but we’re not pointing fingers.)

It’s also why we try to avoid TL;DR. It’s why our product is straight-forward-no-funny-business, and why we aim to make your contract with us easy to read.

Change whenever

Change when you like*. Leave when you like.

There’s no need for multiple accounts. Add up to 10 cars and 10 drivers to the one policy, as long as they fit our underwriting criteria* .

We know you’ve got stuff going on, so we won’t charge a fee if you need to leave.

* Altering your policy may result in a change in premium. Only certain policy details can be changed, and some changes are subject to underwriting and acceptance criteria.

Easy support

Easy peasy online support

While we are digital, our real and willing customer heroes team are here to answer any and all questions you may have.

Except for how to fold a fitted sheet, we’re still working on that one ourselves.


Lil Deets Jackpot
Lil Deets Jackpot
Lil Deets Jackpot

We’re a digital brand, so we keep our overheads low - and our prices even lower.

Kinda like a self-serve checkout. But we’re still around to give you a hand when you need it.

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NRMA Insurance

One of Australia's biggest and most trusted insurance brands, with over 90 years helping motorists.

We're pretty tight with them as we're both part of Australia's largest general insurance group.

This means we get access to the NRMA Insurance-approved partner repair network across Australia - consisting of almost 400 repairers, and a 24/7/365 claims team who are always available the moment you need a hand.

You get all this without paying for the old-school stuff your parents use, like newspapers and plastic straws.


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    All these things (plus a stack more) are why we've taken out Canstar's Outstanding Value - Car Insurance Australia 2023, Outstanding Value - Car Insurance NSW 2023, Outstanding Value - Car Insurance QLD 2023 and Outstanding Value - Car Insurance WA 2023.

    And add to the list with Mozo's Experts Choice Award for Exceptional Value Car Insurance and Exceptional Value Young Driver Insurance for 2022 and 2023.